Xonic Tang is a a inematographer who is knowledgeable about cinematic procedures, as well as the latest technologies, editing software and cameras. He can bring the professional-level cinematography and lighting set up to create innovative and entertaining pieces with commercial appeal. He is experienced at thinking of creative ways to achieve high quality with low budget.

Personal Profile

My name is Haobo Tang, a cinematographer who delivers innovative and entertaining motion picture pieces with commercial appeal.

   Along with my cinematography skills, I'm capable of film directing, editing and post-production. While focusing on the live-action film, I also can create illustrations,  storyboards, CGI models, and texture. I choose live-action film production because it is an efficient way to express my idea and create a memorable experience for my audience at the same time. I believe a movie is an emotional and spiritual journey, and I am willing to spend my lifetime to understand how this form of artworks to bring my vision to my audience. David Fincher's films like "Se7en" and "Fight Club"  influenced me to filmmaking, because through his work I can see a complicated story unwraps in an intense and dynamic and stylish way. Cinematographers like Jeff Cronenweth, Roger Deakins and Emmanuel Lubezki. After watching classic films by the masters I always have the passion for creating something spectacular and beautiful like they did, and I'm grateful that I did some works I'm proud of. The documentary I created with social workers and classmates to give the youth in need a voice helped me understanding the power of film and how it can change people's life. So I believe that I will make the use of my skill to produces a film that has a positive impact on the society to create a conflict less environment for the future generation. So that I can live a stress-free life at the same time.


When I'm free I like to.....WIP